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Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I access my school login codes?

Following registration, login codes are automatically emailed to the registration email. Please check your junk box if you have not received them.

2How do I find pupil login codes?

Login using your admin login. Select ‘My Surveys’. Pupil login codes are provided for each survey in the second and third column of the survey tables.

3How do I access the pre-loaded surveys and tests?

Login using your admin login. Select ‘My Surveys’. Click create survey. Select from the dropdown list.

4How do I build my own survey / test?

Login using your admin login. Select ‘My Surveys’. Click create survey. Select blank survey from the dropdown list.

5How do I add my own questions to the pre-loaded surveys and tests?

Select a survey from the drop-down list in ‘My Surveys’. Once the pre-loaded survey is created, click edit. Rename your survey or test and add additional questions. You can also use the arrows to change the order of the questions.

6How do I access my reports?

Login using your admin login. Select ‘My Reports’. Click on any report to view.

7How do I access the names of the pupils making up each statistic?

Once on a report: click on a segment in a pie chart, bar on a bar chart, or figure in a table to view the names of pupils making up that answer. You can also filter in the above graphs by gender and year group.

8Is Koboca GDPR compliant? Is our data safe?

Yes and yes. Please view our Data Protection Policy here.

9What year groups does Koboca cater for?

Currently Koboca caters for years 1 - 6. Future developments are being planned to include secondary school year groups.

10How many surveys and tests can I do?

Schools can complete as many surveys and tests as they like for as long as they hold a licence.

11How long does my license last for?

Licences run for the duration of school academic years.

12How much does Koboca cost?

Koboca costs just £299 per school.

13How do I re-run the same survey or test again?

Login using your admin login. Select ‘My Surveys’. Select duplicate next to the survey you want to re-run. This will create an identical survey which can also be edited. Identical questions can be compared over time.

14How do I compare results for the same question from different surveys?

Select the report for a question. Click the compare button above the graph. Select the survey you wish to compare from the drop down box.

15How do I access the completed PE and Sport Premium Impact Document?

Schools that register for Koboca will be emailed a completed Sport Premium Impact Document.

16I have lost my login / think it has been compromised. What should I do?

Email enquiries@koboca.co.uk from a school email account stating the name of the school and requesting a password reset.

17How do I change the number of pupils in my school or times when classes are physically active?

Login using your admin login. Select ‘My School’. You can edit any of your school details in this section.

Just£299per academic year

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This allows your school access to the physical activity survey, the nutrition test, and all the associated reports, as many times you want throughout the academic year.

This also enables unlimited yearly access to the platform to devise your own surveys, tests and quizzes.

The set-up process is straightforward, and within ten minutes you will receive:

1 Login details to access surveys and results*

2 A parent letter should you wish to send this out as homework.

3 A hyperlink to the survey if you wish to email or text parents with homework.

Send the homework letter, email or text home, and then be ready to view your results the following week!

* If you do not receive this please check your junk box.

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