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Year 1/2

10 x Speed Bounces

10 X Shuttle runs

10 X Step ups

10 X Star Jumps


Speed Bounce  Keeping your feet together, jump sideways over a cone or towel and land on two feet. Jump back to your starting position. Each time you jump over the barrier and land on two feet, this is 1 count.


Shuttle runs - Place 2 objects (eg cones) 5 meters apart. Run back and forth between the cones touching the objects with one hand, each time you complete the 5m distance and touch the cone this counts as 1. 


Step ups - Step up onto a bench or a step so both feet are on the step and step down so both feet are back on the floor. This is one step up.


Star Jumps –  Start with 2 feet together and hands by your side.Jump in the air, moving your arms and legs out to the side to land in a star position. Jump your legs back together and bring your arms back by your side.  This counts as 1 jump.


The ultimate warrior will be the boy and girl who can complete all of the above in the  quickest time… the clock keeps running.

Please enter time numerically eg 2 minutes 19 seconds would be entered as 2.19

Watch the video here https://youtu.be/aP6zkdlbjKU

Good luck everyone.


IMPORTANT – When completing this survey, please do not use the backwards or forwards buttons on your browser. To move backwards and forwards, use the buttons on the bottom of each page.