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About Koboca

Designed by Seamless Software, Koboca is a product that allows schools to gather invaluable data and evidence on pretty much anything! 

The pre-loaded software is comprised of two main elements - a physical activity questionnaire and a nutrition test.

Essentially a four fold product, Koboca:

  1. Is a cross-referenced online physical activity survey that enables the identification of ALL pupils exercise levels.

  2. Includes a pre-loaded age specific nutrition test, verified by Leeds Beckett University's Nutrition and Childhood Obesity Research Team, to assess and improve pupils knowledge of healthy eating.

  3. Supplies a downloadable pre-populated PE and Sport Premium funding impact document to aid the explanation and justification of schools usage of the recently increased government funding (this can be published to adhere to recent statutory government requirements).

  4. Provides a platform for teachers to design their own surveys or self-marking quizzes/tests linked to ANY subject (these also automatically generate reports).

To see how Koboca’s meets the requirements of Ofsted, the government’ s PE and Sports Premium funding initiative and School Games Mark applications, please click here.

Physical Activity Questionnaire

There are up to thirteen questions to establish pupils level of physically activity, which activities they would like to try and which sports they participate in both inside and outside of school. It identifies the most popular times for clubs, provides data on sports leadership and volunteering, and highlights which community clubs pupils attend. The database displays how many minutes pupils are active per day, which is linked to a government target that was introduced in 2017/18.

Physical Activity Questionnaire Outcomes:

  • Schools can view the least active pupils and identify which sports they would like to try. This can support intervention programmes such as Change 4 Life and help pupils achieve the 30 minutes a day government target.
  • Schools receive a report telling them which pupils are accessing the 30 minutes per day of physical activity in school. This is surprisingly high when including walking to school, breakfast clubs, lunchtime activity, PE lessons and after school clubs.
  • Gather evidence for Ofsted, School Games Mark applications and Healthy Schools Ratings.
  • Helps identify the best use of PE and Sport premium funding.

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Nutrition Test 

The nutrition questions were developed by the Nutrition and Childhood Obesity Research Team at Leeds Beckett University. The team have a strong track record in evaluating nutrition focused interventions in primary school children and expertise in the development of health research tools and the analysis of child nutritional data. The questionnaire was developed by Dr Meaghan Christian (Research Fellow) with the support of Professor Pinki Sahota and Rhiannon Day (Research Assistant). Prior to this, it was identified that there was a lack of published, reliable and validated nutrition and physical activity questionnaires suitable for primary school aged children.

The test gives pupils two attempts to get the question right and then informs them of the answer. This guided education progressively improves pupil’s knowledge. A certificate with a percentage pass rate is provided on completion.

Nutrition Test Outcomes:

  • All pupils are educated around nutrition and healthy eating.
  • Schools can identify from the test scores which pupils may need additional support.
  • Pupils can be awarded certificates upon completion of the test.
  • Great evidence and excellent use of the school PE and Sports Premium funding.

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The research team conducted a study in 2013 to determine the validity and reliability of the questions for children aged 7-10 years before it was used within a research project. This was carried out with 137 children from one primary school in Leeds, North England. They were asked to complete the test twice, 2.5 weeks apart to assess test-retest reliability. Children’s internal Pupil Assessment (PA) and Statutory Assessment Test (SAT) scores were used as a comparison measure of knowledge. The results indicated that the test-retest reliability was good, with no statistically significant difference between time 1 and time 2 for the questionnaire designed for Year 2 and 3 pupils. The test showed strong correlation with PA and SAT scores for both Year 2-3 and Year 4-5 pupils. The test could also distinguish between pupils with high and low SAT scores. The results demonstrated that the test is a valid and reliable tool for measuring nutrition and is one of the first questionnaires to be validated for measuring knowledge gained from healthy lifestyle interventions in primary school children.

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This allows your school access to the physical activity survey, the nutrition test, and all the associated reports, as many times you want throughout the academic year.

This also enables unlimited yearly access to the platform to devise your own surveys, tests and quizzes.

The set-up process is straightforward, and within ten minutes you will receive:

1 Login details to access surveys and results*

2 A parent letter should you wish to send this out as homework.

3 A hyperlink to the survey if you wish to email or text parents with homework.

Send the homework letter, email or text home, and then be ready to view your results the following week!

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