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Competition Management

Our Competition Management system allows schools and partnerships to set up leagues and competitions online.

It significantly reduces the administration for running leagues and central venue events whilst also storing participation data.

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Key Features


If a school doesn’t turn up, simply untick them for a fresh fixture list in seconds.


All fixtures managed through phones with QR codes and hyper links for participants and spectators to follow on their phones

Perfect for central venue events

Auto pitch allocation in the best way over any number of pitches.


How to set up a face to face competition with fixtures and leagues

How a school can upload results


1How to set up a competition

  • Login to your account
  • Select ‘Koboca+’ from top right screen in the green button
  • Click on ‘competitions’ – It is the photo on the left of the screen
  • Select a sport
  • Click ‘create new competition’
  • Complete the boxes
    • By Selecting ‘Champions League’ you create a league structure that feeds into a knock out round
    • You must select the number of teams to progress – EG 4 teams = Semi Final
  • Once saved return to the sports section and select ‘enter teams’ from the competition you have just created
  • Tick the box next to the schools you want to enter
    • If a school is not in your area, but are taking part, tick the box marked ‘all schools’ and start typing the name of the school
  • Once all schools have been entered select - Set up  fixtures.
  • you can drag and drop school into a league or click ‘Automatically allocate’ for random leagues
  • Click create fixtures

2How to edit fixtures before a score has been entered

  • Go back to the ‘enter teams’ button
  • If a team has not turned up ‘untick’ them
  • If a school has arrived unexpectedly tick the box next to them
  • Once all schools have been entered select which leagues you want them in by dragging the school into a league or click ‘Automatically allocate’
  • Click create fixtures

3How to enter a score

  • Log in to Koboca
  • Go to Koboca+
  • Click the sport
  • Select 'fixtures' next to the competition you want to enter a score for
  • Enter the score

4How to access a QR code for fixtures and league tables

  • Log in to Koboca
  • Go to Koboca+
  • Click the sport
  • Click on 'fixtures' or 'league table next to the competition 
  • Click on the QR code button

5How to access a link for fixtures and league tables

  • Log in to Koboca
  • Go to Koboca+
  • Click the sport
  • Click on 'fixtures' or 'league table' next tot he competition
  • Click on the public link to copy a hyperlink

6How to view league tables

  • Log in to Koboca
  • Go to Koboca+
  • Click the sport
  • Click on ‘league table’ next to the competition you are interested in

Sports Partnership price from£500per academic year

This provides a license and login for every school in a sports partnership

Unlimited access for all schools in a partnership.

Partnership accounts provide access to every school in your partnership with unlimited access to surveys, virtual competitions and the competition management system for a full year.


  • Individual schools license - £199
  • Sports Partnership license - £1,000
  • 4 or more Sports Partnerships buying at the same time - £500 per SSP

For a SSP of 65 schools buying alongside another 3 partnerships this works out at £7.69 per school

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