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SGO Info

Koboca is an excellent resource for SGO's. Here are a few reasons why nearly a quarter of SGO's now use Koboca!

  1. Pupil voice is a minimum expectation for SGO's. Koboca not only provides this but allows SGO's to identify which schools would benefit most from certain initiatives
  2. Increased competitive opportunities with intent. 18 virtual competitions per year available to all schools for all pupils, not just those that usually make the school team
  3. Competition management. If a team doesn't turn up, login and untick them. New fixtures are generated instantly. Schools, participants and spectators can scan a QR code to follow fixtures and league tables.

Pupil Voice

Insight and pupil voice is a huge target for SGO's in shaping their offer. Know which schools have the largest groups of inactive pupils, those wanting to do sports leadership and much more.

Go Green with Competition management

Simply create leagues and central venue competitions and let the platform create fixtures in the most time efficient way. Use QR codes to go green, fixtures and leagues can be followed on phones and tablets

Virtual Competitions

Simply forward one email per half term to engage schools in the national virtual competitions supported by over 10,000 pupils.


1How do I view which schools have registered and their engagement?

  • Login to your partnership account. 
  • Select the 'My Schools' tab
  • Here you will find a list of schools registered
  • Next to the schools you will see their engagement in surveys and competitions
  • Click on any heading to sort by that value.

2How do i see which schools have completed a survey?

  • Login to your partnership account and select My Survey reports
  • Next to your suvery click the button 'View School Breakdown'

3How do I see which schools contribute to each survey response?

  • Login to your partnership account and click ' My Survey Reports'
  • Click view reports next to your survey
  • Select a question to view the graph.
  • Click on a graph segment to see which schools have contributed to each answer.

4How to compare my partnership results with the county and nationally for the national survey?

  • Login to your partnership account and select My Survey Reports.
  • Select the National survey and click view reports
  • Select a report
  • Above the graph, select the 'Headline data' button

5How do I view trends across year groups?

  • Login to your partnership account and select My Survey Reports
  • Select view reports
  • Select a report to view
  • Click on a segment to view the answers
  • Select 'show trends' button at the top of the graph 

6How do I create my own filter groups?

  • Login to your partnership account and select My Survey Reports
  • Select view reports
  • Select a report to view
  • Select a segment of the graph to view responses
  • Select 'Create Custom Filter'
  • Go back to reports and chose another report. 
  • Above the graph select the new filter group from the filter dropdown

Sports Partnership price from£500per academic year

This provides a license and login for every school in a sports partnership

Unlimited access for all schools in a partnership.

Partnership accounts provide access to every school in your partnership with unlimited access to surveys, virtual competitions and the competition management system for a full year.


  • Individual schools license - £199
  • Sports Partnership license - £1,000
  • 4 or more Sports Partnerships buying at the same time - £500 per SSP

For a SSP of 65 schools buying alongside another 3 partnerships this works out at £7.69 per school

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